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Shay Taylor
United States
What do I call that which is there for me?
And me for it
There be a drawn path of emotional trust
I wonder.
A possibility to go beyond that which I don't feel is wrong
Why then through different eyes must I follow your path?
For I just want to exist with her
A conductor and nothing superior
Regardless of my need to take charge of her smooth pink interior –
My request for lead conductor's been pending for years past now but I hold no quarrel
For I not leave my ride even in a 7 cart pile up
I stand to watch the event unfold with wincing tears but brave
and comforting heart and make vast repairs as needed no matter what length of time
I cry for her scratches, contemplate her improvements on days off,
Sting my cheeks with smiles she gives as I give her test drives beyond every repair
Clank, Twist, Pound
Clank, Twist, Pound
There – shiny and good as new but still old and true in my heart
Years past with her since I saw her my 2nd year of employment…

Why then this request for a new conductor
One who knows not her ins and outs as I do?
She better to be sold somewhere else
No…No…NO!! Think Over, Think Over I plea
Constant repairs grow with her years I know but
I work them diligently of no cost
I care of the condition of the ride not the money it generates
I broke her chassis
Injured self in the process
But healed I am
And prime to be restored she is…
They deny my request –
Why the hell can't I just work with sanity?
No, not sanity…peace
Them – Society – IGNORANCE…
Was Bliss for Me!
Those years off of her to toil to my injury
My mind at ease but still of her
People know not that bliss of ignorance is a privilege
To be used sparingly
It's this time that you reflect, think, and realign axons
To strengthen the mind
Be not ignorant when opportunity hits!
No, fuck this, I refuse
I paid my admission like everyone else in my leave
To enjoy the park…my ride….her
I deserve at least discounts or opportunity to
Assist observations
I worked her when she was set for sell
Years ago
I lubricated her gears and she blessed pleasure upon me
I didn't mean for my leave to be of an abrupt and prolonged
I was petrified of future damage to her
I saw that I just needed to wear protective gear
And come readied for any injury caused
The conductor isn't going to let anything happen
I'm back and fully aware of the new laws and regulations –
It's all smooth… "smirk"
While you were twisting nuts in Wally World
I was grinding her gears and polishing her handlebars
She was mine
I shined her, rode her, and enjoyed every bit
I'm not asking for retirement funds, 401ks, or
Pensions –
I just want the right to enjoy my ride
Nothing more
They can repaint and retune her engine
For all I care
I just want privilege to observe of her…

MMWAHH!! I don't care what they say
Sweetheart you're still my coaster and I'm
Not leaving this time cause I'm
All Buckled In
-Shay Taylor
(The Elegant Fox)

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